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At Strategic Fuse our top priority is to effectively communicate with your co-op partners to align your marketing and increase profitability. You work hard to create and uphold a brand identity. Let us help leverage that brand through campaigns focused on your business and improve your bottom line.


Our software will not only manage your program funds, but you and your customers will be provided with secure access to co-op databases, reporting options, and data updates.


With our reliable and responsive customer support, you and your channel partners are guaranteed same day prior approvals and a five-day turnaround for claim processing.


Our high-quality print vendors can produce nearly anything from postcards to banners. You name it, they can print it.

Creative Brief

Our account management ensures that a brand guideline is in place so your brand presents a unified message across multiple advertising channels.


We understand your co-op programs may reimburse you for ad creation costs. Let us create your ad layout and we’ll file the claim making the process that much more cost effective.


We provide you with the layout and file specs so your Agency of Record can build advertisements that work seamlessly with our software. Creative Brief: Our account management ensures that a brand guideline is in place so your brand presents a unified message across multiple advertising channels.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Identify marketing trends with custom data analysis. Share your previous data with us and make sure you’re not missing critical information that can be used to improve your bottom line.


We facilitate millions of direct mail and point-of-sale pieces each year, and can leverage our volume to get you the best price for your printing needs.

Planning & Execution

Our media team wants to help you develop a marketing plan based on your objectives and budget, execute the schedule for you, and file the co-op claim on your behalf.

Online strategy and placement

Our team can coordinate an online strategy for you, including search engine marketing, social media, email, digital ad placement, and microsite services.


We can leverage the volume of media placements to secure discounted media pricing, to help stretch your marketing dollars.


We can analyze your advertising presented and placed using our newly redesigned software. Strategic Fuse, will upload your creative to our secure servers and provide you with password-protected access. Support teams will be ready to answer questions or assist with implementation.

Omni-Channel Brand Control

Allow your users to customize and deploy targeted advertising over a variety of media while retaining your brand image. Deployment on demand means never paying to warehouse outdated materials again.

Loyalty and Warranty Program Management

We can track loyalty programs and administer warranty programs for thousands of participants all while maintaining your corporate look and feel.

Digital Asset Management (e-DAM)

Managing categorized images and other resources for download is easy with our software. Reporting alerts you to those items that are popular and those items that might be eliminated from your offerings.

Procurement Management & Inventory Control

Vendor agnostic orientation means you can provide a wide variety of promotional materials without worrying about stocking levels spread across numerous vendors. So easy!

We Mean Business

With over 25 years in the Trade Fund Marketing business, Strategic Fuse has the experience to guide and execute your promotional projects with accuracy and professionalism.

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Advanced Control

Use our newly designed complete management solution to further your success. Your reports, analytics, and transactions are available anytime, anywhere.


Your business matters. Improve your bottom line with our marketing strategy, fund management staff, and the customer care you deserve.

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