Our History

For over 30 years, the people at Strategic Fuse have been honing their ability to make trade fund management smooth and informative for all parties. What started years ago as a co-op monitoring company has now blossomed into a multi-faceted marketing operation that can meet the challenges of the modern marketing world. The SFI staff are adept at getting to the root of any issue and solving it in a timely manner. We are innovative and forward-looking. Not just for today but throughout our relationship with our client partners.

How Can We Help?


Teamwork and Communication are two core principles at Strategic Fuse. We approach our relationship with our clients as a partner, not just another vendor. We take a proactive role in understanding and managing your co-op program.


Need help? It’s easy to reach us. Contact Strategic Fuse at our toll-free phone support (800-YES-COOP), toll-free fax (delivered by e-mail), unique e-mail account @StrategicFuse.com (directly delivered to our account team), and proprietary software for secure and real-time access to co-op data.


We manage your programs to make it easier and more cost-effective for your channel partners. We streamline the programs to free up your partners’ time, so they can concentrate on increasing sales. Not only does this proactive approach positively impact sales figures, it also improves the relationship between you and your channel partners.

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